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Drama, Action, Thriller, Suspense
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KATE a rookie detective, happens to blunder into a hit job in progress and see assassins. She is about to be killed for cleaning any witness by one of them, Gen, but he takes pity on her and makes her swear that she will never reveal their identities.
Another day, as Kate's best friend is murdered by some group; Gondo's men, Kate finds out Gen as a kitchen cook in the bento shop she is going to normally. She is about to ask her friend's revenge to Gen and other assassins, but she is denied for poor compensation she brings. In the meantime of dealing between them, they accept her wish which is also joining as an assassin who bets her life from the bottom of her heart in the condition with them.
How will she become as an assassin and as a detective......?
We will find out that each one of life is connected to "bond of justice" which is come from friendship, loves, sincerity and truth among assassins.



Kate Williams
Rookie Detective. A member of assassins.
Cortney Palm: "Sushi Girl", "Zombeever"
A personal trainer. A member of assassins.
David Yeung: He is a son of Bolo Yeung (Yan Sue). He was a bodybuilder, Mr.California.

Accessary shop owner. A member of assassins.
Siggy Jackson, DealZ: He is the one of Michael Jackson's nephew who means a son of Jackie Jackson. He is also a singer.
Nail artist. A member of assassins.
Casey Gagliardi: Arial dancer. Disney Theater stage "Frozen", "Prenzel"

Lynn Tatsumi
Blind. Tatsumi's daughter. The controller of assassins.
Alice Aoki: "Tale of Princess Kaguya" "Dragon Blade"
Gen Tachibana
Mute, Used to be a Tatsumi's bodyguard. A member of assassins.
Ryu Yamakita: More than 100 stage shows.


Sonny Saito: "Letters from Iwojima", "The Notice"

Hiroshi Otaguro: "Black rain", "Runaway"


Takato Yonemoto: "47 Ronins"

Joe Nakamura: Actor, model, talent in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan

A gang boss.
Matthew Knowles: Actor and model, speaks English and Chinese. Famous in China.

Taka Aoki: More than 150 stage shows in his actor's life

A killer
Juri Manase: "Kill Bill"
Ivory Broome: "Speed 2 Cruise control", "General Hospital"

Chief Detective
Christian Meoli: "Alive"
Daniel Chen
Sean Tsai

Daniel's secretery
Che'Nelle: Famous and popular singer and song writer.
Sergeant police
Dre' Kroon: Music producer of LMFAO

Jiro's girlfriend
Chloe Farnworth: British actress
Jennifer Field: Miss Asia America

A daughter of Bento shop
Akina Minami: Popular Japanese talent / model
Sora Aoi: Japanese actress / singer Popular in Japan and China.

Sonny Chiba: Famous legend of action star


Director / Producer / Writer : Ryuji Yamakita
Ryuji Yamakita grew up in Osaka, Japan until 22 years then move to US for having an associate degree and a bachelor degree at Santa Monica college and California State University, Long Beach Theatre Arts. After graduating, he went back to Tokyo, Japan. He works entertainment division such as theatre company, TV, film, event. He has been working in the entertainment industry. He founded an theatre company, “Tokyo Pichi Pichi Boys” and produced more than 100 plays. He wrote and directed many of them. As he worked those entertainment for 8 years in Japan, he decided to go back to US to have more experience by using his abilities. He founded another company called “IKI Company” here in Los Angeles where he produced and directed a few more plays and commercials.

Producer : Ivory Broome
Ivory Broome focused most of his attention learning to be independent while he was growing up. Raised in New York to a family of entrepreneurs, his mom and dad both owned businesses by the time he was 2 and continued to run their business long after he had finish school. During his college years ivory developed the drive to make his own path and one day become a successful businessman and brand.Not long after graduating from acting school Ivory begin working as a full time actor. During this time he earned his Screen Actor Guild card. Ivory started producing films in 2010.While in Los Angeles, Ivory wanted to try his hand in film making and producing Webisode and online entertainment content. Ivory's started Broome Global Pictures & Media and became CEO of Random Pictures & Media Production Company. He continues to produce projects under his name Ivory Broome.

Producer : Alice Aoki
Alice Aoki studied at New York University Tisch School of Arts . She has learned a lot about business management and leadership from her family big franchise restaurant chain since she grow up and influenced by her successful relatives . She has been working in entertainment industry with Major Studios since graduation, then has been mentored by Warner Brothers President, Doheny Family and Arron Spelling family. She is an entertainment commitee of Salvation Army Television, a philanthropist of many foundations for good cause, also a community activist of city of Beverly Hills.

Action Director : Tsuyoshi Abe
Tsuyoshi Abe was born and raised in Japan. He studied many martial arts including karate, kendo, and shorinji kenpo until his departure for the U.S. in 1985. He lived in Seattle, Washington and while there, studied in Bruce Lee's martial art, Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do, under Taky Kimura. Mr. Abe moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to continue his studying of Jeet Kune Do under Dan Inosanto, as well as the Filipino Martial Arts ( Kali, Esklima) and Thai boxing. He also studied Japanese sword-fighting (shinkendo ) under Toshishiro Obata. Later he explored more style and calibrated with Japanese stuntmen to use Japanese swordsmanship properly on films. Tsuyoshi Abe was introduced into the Stunt business in 1990, working Non-Union films until he joined the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.) in 1992. Tsuyoshi has worked on many film and Television productions as stuntman and a stunt wire rigger. He is also known as Fight Choreographer and stunt Coordinator, as well training actors in the many diverse martial arts for films

Action Director : Keiya Tabuchi
One of the best action choreographers in Japan. He was heavily awarded in 2013 for his work. In his 20’s, he was the stunt double for the blue power ranger Australia. He also belong to “Gocoo Stunt Japan” and teaches Japanese sword fighting. Works: “Kurosagi,” “ Nankyokutairiku,” “Mr.Brain,” “Bloody Monday,” “Kirin no Tsubasa,” “Kikaidar,” “Attack of Titan,” and lots of Samurai swords action shows.




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